A Message about Medication

 Dear Parents,

This is a reminder that children must not bring medications to school. All medications must be administered by the school nurse, in order to ensure the safety of all students. You may refer to the instructions for handling medication below, which is also in the Parent Handbook.

"Students may not bring medication of any kind to school"

 Students may not bring medication of any kind to school. Medication will not be administered by this school unless there is a 504 Form or Authorization to Administer Oral Medication form completed by the parent and physician on file in the office. All oral medication must be hand delivered to school by the parent in the original container received from the pharmacist with the bottle/container/inhalers clearly marked with the name of the student, dosage, and time of day that it needs to be administered.

Medication will be administered based on the signed form by a licensed nurse or physician unless parental permission for delegation is obtained for other staff within the building. Medications must be taken in the presence of the School Nurse or other designated personnel.